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Other local businesses that can help you and your pet out where and when we aren't able to.

AEH is a veterinary hospital located in Redmond which offers 24 hour emergency care for critically ill pets or medical emergencies that arise after hours, offering diagnostics, therapy, monitoring, and surgery.

SVS is a veterinary hospital located in Kirkland that offers both 24 hour emergency service and appointments with veterinary specialists, including those which focus on areas such as surgery, oncology, internal medicine, and neurology.

Lap of Love is a network of veterinarians around the country whose goal is to empower every owner to care for their geriatric pets. They offer at-home hospice and euthanasia services for our beloved pets that are nearing the ends of their lives.

Compassion 4 Paws provides in-home comfort care for pets in the greater Seattle area, improving their quality of life. Dr. Sara and her team offer acupuncture, quality of life consultations, hospice care, and euthanasia when necessary.

Gentle Hands Cherished Paws believes in caring for the mind, body, and spirit of their patients and the hearts of their caregivers; and while a large part of the practice is to facilitate a peaceful passing for our patients, they offer so much more including hospice, euthanasia, consultation, and cremation.

Cascade Kennels has been in operation in Woodinville since 1975 on a heavily wooded rural site. We are a full-service pet care facility offering a broad range of services including boarding, grooming, and daycare. We have services specially designed for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, and most other household pets.

Seattle Humane is an animal shelter located in Bellevue and a great resource for those looking to add a new member to their family. Beyond adoption, Seattle Humane can also serve as a resource for rehoming, training, and education, as well as a great place to volunteer.

The ASPCA was the first humane society in North America and is now one of the largest in the world. Beyond serving as a resource for animal adoption and rescue, the ASPCA fights to prevent and eliminate animal cruelty, taking on inhumane practices such as dogfighting, hoarding, and puppy milling through advocacy, legal action, and raising awareness.

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